Between 12 noon and 9pm ther will be times of worship and prayer where all are welcome. As part of these times those who are able will spend an hour on top of the church tower interceding for our town. For those wanting to take part up the tower please arrive at 4.45pm – if you arrive any later than 4.55pm unfortunately you won’t be able to take part. There will be a capacity of 20 people up the tower.

You can come and go as you please during the group times of prayer and worship. Outside of these times there will be hour blocks of prayer which individuals, families or other groups can sign up for.

Friday 31st August

12 noon—10pm

12 noon—5pm hour prayer blocks to sign up to

6—7pm TOWER TOP PRAYER (weather permitting)

7—9pm group prayer and worship

8—10pm hour blocks to sign up to

Post expires at 9:00pm on Friday August 31st, 2018