Cullompton Community Centre Update: 25th October 2020

Cullompton Community Centre has been a hub for groups across the local community and Devon since it first opened for business in 2011. It was built on the site of the former St. Andrew’s Church Hall: the project being conceived, managed and part-funded by the Church as a gift to the local community.

Like many new businesses, the Centre initially struggled with finances and received and relied on significant financial contributions from both the congregation of St Andrew’s Church, the Diocese of Exeter and other grant-making organisations, in addition to the substantial time of volunteers. However, the Centre had recently become self-sufficient and more resilient to the changing economic times, adapting to meet the different challenges posed by changes in demand.

It is, therefore, regrettable that the Directors of the Centre and the leadership of St Andrew’s Church have had to announce “the hardest and saddest decision”, following a board meeting on the 12th October.

The arrival of COVID-19 is beyond the control of the Directors and the truly dedicated staff team. Its impact on the voluntary sector has been devastating and regrettably the Centre could not escape. The Directors of the Community Centre have recognised that it has become financially untenable to maintain the services it offered. As a consequence, the staff are being made redundant and will be supported in finding new employment. Current volunteers and users are also being advised of the temporary closure of the Centre. Discussions are taking place between the Directors, St Andrew’s Church and the Diocese regarding the handing back of the building and assets to the church.

The Directors and Leadership of St Andrew’s Church wish to pay special thanks to the dedicated team of staff, under the leadership of David Quinn, who along with numerous volunteers, have given everything in supporting the work of the Centre. Without their vision, commitment and expertise the Centre would not have developed a reputation for professionalism that has been recognised by many who have used the building. We would also like to thank all of those who have used the Centre and for whom the Centre was there to serve and we look forward to welcoming them back as and when we can, under COVID guidelines. Although under different leadership, it is intended that Cullompton Community Centre should continue to be used to the benefit of the church and local community.

St Andrew’s PCC and Cullompton Community Centre Directors

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