Our Vision

As a church community we have the vision of:

‘Revealing the heart of Jesus in the heart of our community’

Our Values

As a church community we are seeking to be:

  • Generous – We believe in generosity of spirit, of welcome, and with all our resources of love, prayer, time, money and hospitality.
  • Real – We believe that God calls us to drop our masks, and to be real with him and with each other. Transparent, genuine and honest.
  • Hopeful – We believe in the present and powerful work of God today. We are open to the gifts of the Spirit, and excited about what God is going to do as we meet to worship, and then go out to live to serve him.
  • Fun – We believe that God is good, that he wants good things for his children, and that life is to be enjoyed and lived to the full.
  • Relevant – We believe in engaging with our culture to embrace it and to challenge it.
  • Transforming – We believe in a God who wants to change people, and through changed people to changes situations and to change the world.
  • Truthful – We believe in the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible, lived out by Jesus, and brought alive in us today by the Holy Spirit