Discipleship is at the heart of our calling both individually and as a church family. Our vision to reveal the heart of Jesus in the heart of our community will be realised by a people who together become like Jesus and live out his life in Cullompton and beyond.

We have begun to describe discipleship as apprenticeship to Jesus: being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and doing what Jesus did (with acknowledgement to John Mark Comer from Portland, Oregon). We visited these essential elements of discipleship in our “Faith Fit” sermon series at the beginning of 2018 and will be revisiting them to explore them more deeply during the course of this year. You can listen to these talks elsewhere on this website.

Key elements in enabling discipleship continue are:

  • Home groups: these have carried on multiplying in 2017, and so we now stand at around 21 groups. Groups have a variety of flavours, but they each ensure that we grow in discipleship by being in deep relationships with one another. Pray for people with a passion for this area to be raised up.
  • Mentoring: individuals wanting to be mentored are paired up with mentors from the church family. This has great potential for growing individuals through life into deeper maturity.
  • One-off events and guest speakers: sometimes a single day or event can prove really significant for people’s growth.