St Andrews Vision For Mentoring

“To initiate life-giving relationships that encourage, challenge and call out the best in the person being mentored”


This is ultimately our goal in all relationships: it is to show people that they are loved. However, the unique thing about a mentoring relationship is that we are also asking God to use us to influence and empower the person being mentored.

Our definition


Christian mentoring is a dynamic, intentional relationship of trust in which one person enables another to maximise the grace of God in their life through the Holy Spirit, in service of God’s kingdom purposes, by sharing their life, experience and resources.

Jesus said: “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”.  John 13.35

Therefore mentoring is more than two people just spending time together. It is a mutual relationship (it flows in both directions), with an intentional agenda (there is an end in mind), filled with meaningful content (combining theory and reality, thinking and practice), from one individual to another (understanding that one has resources and experience the other is eager to learn from).

Mentoring Policies